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Main characteristics
  • Frequency Range:50k~3GHz
  • S11 Dynamic Range:50dB
  • S21 Dynamic Range:70dB
  • Screen:4.3-inch IPS 800*480
  • Battery Life:7 hours



The NanoVNA-F-V2 portable vector network analyzer is a new-generation product developed based on the NanoVNA-F. It comes with a 4.3-inch IPS LCD display and an aluminum alloy casing, along with a standard 5000mAh high-capacity lithium battery for up to 7 hours of battery life. It supports both touchscreen and side-button operation and offers interfaces in both Chinese and English.  The user interface is compatible with NanoVNA-F, and the measurement range has been extended to 3GHz, offering a larger dynamic range for more precise measurements and more convenient operation.

1.4.3-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 800x480, featuring an ultra-wide viewing angle and eye-friendly for extended use;

2. Full aluminum alloy casing, sturdy and durable, effectively shielding electromagnetic interference to ensure measurement accuracy;

3. Compact dimensions: 125mm x 75mm x 20mm, making it highly portable;

4. SMA RF interface for convenient connection to various test devices;

5. 5000mAh high-capacity lithium battery providing up to 7 hours of usage time;

6. Full touchscreen design with three additional side buttons for flexible and convenient operation;

7. Supports both Chinese and English interfaces;

8. Optimized UI design for easy measurement operations;

9. Supports screen brightness adjustment;

10. Firmware can be upgraded via a virtual USB drive without the need for a programmer. Firmware upgrades can be done using the provided USB Type-C data cable;

11. Comes with high-quality calibration components and RG405 phase-stable cables to ensure calibration accuracy;

12. Features a USB power output interface to support 5V/1A power output;

13. Uses a 2A high current charging IC for shorter charging time;

14. Includes compatible PC software with Chinese and English interfaces;

15. Allows for screen capture via the PC software to capture screen images from the device;

Basic Performance

Measuring frequency: 50kHz~3000MHz

RF output power: - 9dbm

S11 dynamic range: 50dB(<1.5GHz), 40dB(<3GHz)

S21 dynamic range: 70dB(<1.5GHz), 60dB(<3GHz)

Frequency tolerance: <0.5ppm

Port SWR: <1.1

Display: 4.3" IPS TFT(800x480)

Output capability: 5V/1A

USB interface: USB Type-C

Power consumption: 3.7V Li-Po, 5000mAh

Number of scan points: 101

Display trace:  Up to 4

Marker points: Up to 4

Calibration result: Up to 5 groups

Scanning time:  2.7s/every time


 Appearance Of NanoVNA-F Products


PC Software


Technical Documentation

NanoVNA-F V2 Portable Vector Network Analyzer User Guide V2.0.pdf

NanoVNA-F V2 Quick Start Guide 0.3.0.pdf