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Main characteristics
  • Frequency Range:50k~4.4GHz
  • S11 Dynamic Range:50dB
  • S21 Dynamic Range:75dB
  • Screen:7-inch IPS 1024*600
  • Battery Life:4 hours

SV4401A 1.jpg


  Wide-Frequency | Handheld

   50k~4.4GHz wide-frequency

   It can be used for measurement of antenna, cable, filter, 

   and other RF components.

   Handheld Design

   7 "HD screen, full touch operation

   All English operation interface

         Desktop Measuring Tool

                 Metal case, shielding from electromagnetic interference

              N connectors, stable and durable

              Ergonmically designed with back bracket

              Duo 18650 lithium batteries

              Continue work 4 hours

SV4401 2.jpg



   Multiple Display Mode

     Supports a variety of display formats: Log Mag, Linear Mag, 

     Phase, Smith R+jX, Smith R+L/C, VSWR, Polar, Group delay, 

     Resistance, Reactance, etc.


       Outdoor Use

           7'' IPS LCD, clearly visible outdoors

           Physical buttons,convenient operation

           Support local screenshots

           8GB TF card


    PC software

      Support Windows PC software


      Complete accessories

          SV4401 Machine

          N Male to SMA Female Adapter

          3 pieces Gold plated LOAD/OPEN/SHORT Calibration Kit

          SMA Female to SMA Female Connector

          SMA Male to SMA Male Connector

          50cm RG316 Cable

          USB-Type-C Cable


SV4401 3.jpg