Nanovna-F_V2 3G Mini vector network analyzer



    NanoVNA-F_V2 is a new generation of portable, stand-alone vector network analyzer with 4.3" IPS LCD screen, metal enclosure, 5000mAh battery and SMA connectors. It is a product based on edy555's NanoVNA and OwOComm's S-A-A-V2. The measurement frequency range of NanoVNA-F V2 is up to 3GHz. The S21 dynamic range is better than 70dB at 50kHz-1.5GHz and better than 60dB at 1.5GHz - 3GHz. NanoVAN-F V2 can work continuous for 7 hours due to the large capacity battery and low-power design.

NanoVNA-F_V2 hardware features include and are not limited to the following improvements:

1. Use 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD & resistive touch screen, with a larger view angle and can be  seen clearly outdoor.

2. Aluminum case, very strong and durable, it can be effective in electromagnetic noise suppression and shielding.

3. Use large capacity 5000mAh/3.7V lithium battery, standby time is longer, it can work continuous for 7 hours and expand a USB interface. Usually, it can be used as a power bank when the instrument is not used.

4. Whole touch screen design, with 3 side buttons, make it flexible and convenient when used

5. Support screen brightness adjustment,the screen is clear even in the sun.

6. Support Chinese and English menu switching;

7. Upgrade the user program(firmware) by virtual U disk(16MB SPI Flash Memory Inside).

8. Standard aluminium case to protect SMA head and reduce the interference of external electromagnetic wave to instrument.

9. 2A large current charging IC design, charging time is more shorter than before.

10. Supporting host software,  the host software support Chinese and English menu switching.

11. Supporting screen shot, the image can be save by the host software.

Basic Performance

     Measuring frequency


      RF output power

    - 9dbm

      S11 dynamic range50dB(<1.5GHz), 40dB(<3GHz)
      S21 dynamic range70dB(<1.5GHz), 60dB(<3GHz)

       Frequency tolerance


  Port SWR



    4.3" IPS TFT(800x480)

      Output capability              5V/1A

     USB interface

    USB Type-C

     Power consumption

     3.7V Li-Po, 5000mAh

     Number of scan points


     Display trace

          Up to 4

     Marker points

          Up to 4

     Calibration result

          Up to 5 groups

     Scanning time

         2.7s/ every time


 Appearance Of NanoVNA-F Products


Host Software

NanoVNA Saver_0.3.8--by SYSJOINT 


If the Google Chrome fails to download, please use Microsoft Edge or other browsers.


NanoVNA Saver_0.2.2--by SYSJOINT


Technical Documentation

NanoVNA-F V2 Quick Start Guide

NanoVNA-F V2 Portable Vector Network Analyzer User Guide V2.0

Firmware Upgrade


  • Scan points increased to 301;

  • Fixed the bug of directly setting the marker frequency in CENTER/SPAN mode;

  • Changed the frequency value color of the SAVE/RECALL menu in dark mode;

  • After upgrading to firmware v0.5.0, the previously saved calibration states will be lost, and youneed to recalibrate the device before measuring.


If the Google Chrome browser fails to download, please use Microsoft Edge or other browsers.

  • Frequency range extended down to 10kHz;

  • Correct the group delay sign, reduce the noise of group delay trace;

  • When measuring S11 only, the S21 channel will be automatically closed and the scanning speed increased to 150 points/s;

  • Support dark mode: copy 'dark_mode.txt' to U-disk root directory to enable dark mode;

  • Console command optimization: when there is no parameter after‘save’or 'recall' command,the frequency range of all the slots will be printed;

  • Add battery icon;


  • Long press the middle button to quickly set the marker frequency;

  • Supports simultaneous display of Smith R+jx and R+L/C formats;

  • Adjusted the RF output power to avoid errors in the measurement results due to the mixer overload;

  • Optimized the marker movement speed;

  • Fixed the left/right searching bug;

  • Change the font;


  • UI optimization:

    Menu style optimization;

    Keyboard style optimization, bigger buttons, harder to mistouch;

    The ordinate scale is increased from 8 to 10;

  • Optimize the menu structure to make the operation more convenient;

  • Improved the measurement noise of high frequency;

  • The reference position can be set to negative;

  • Bug fixed;


  • Fixed the bug of Edelay setting;

  • Compatible with nanovna_saver 0.3.8;

  • Sweep points can be set by nanovna_saver or serial command;

  • Fixed the snp file bug from firmware 0.2.2;


  • Fixed the issue of abnormal measurement result on low frequency;

  • 1Hz frequency step below 140MHz;

  • Add Q factor format;

  • Support L/C matching;


  • Display frequency range on save/recall slots;

  • Display Smith value as R+Xj by default;

  • Allow to disable marker dragging;

  • Automatically flip the marker when the trace is at the top of the screen;

  • Support segment sweep in nanovna-saver;

If the current firmware version of your NanoVNA-F V2 device is lower than v0.2.0, please upgrade to v0.2.0 first, and then upgrade to the latest firmware.


  • Sweep points configurable from 51 to 201 points;

  • Support saving touchstone files;

  • Add signal generator mode, support CW output with power level adjustable;

  • Support freely dragging of the mark table;

  • Quick menus for CHANNEL, FORMAT and SCALE;

  • Support trace format of REAL, IMAG, RESISTANCE and REACTANCE;

  • Support user info display (up to 50 ascii characters);

  • Increase the calibration save/recall slots to 8;


  • Reduce the scanning time by 50%, now up to 1.5 seconds /101 points;

  • Support TDR function;

  • Easily set start frequency and stop frequency

  • Easily set calibration

  • BUG fixed;

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