SA8060-4 4 Channels High Frequency Amplifier Module


SA8060-4高频前放.pngSA8060-4 Product Information

4 Channels High Frequency Amplifier Module have high gain, large dynamic range, low noise, low band fluctuation, excellent amplitude consistency and phase consistency.

The passband frequency  is 500kHz~900kHz, and the gain is continuously adjustable from 0 to 60dB. It has 4-channel synchronous ADC can be connected to the external controller by LVDS.

SA8060-4 Product Characteristics

Number of Channels4
Input SignalSingle-end signal
Input Impedance100KΩ
Total Gain60dB
Variable Gain0 ~ 60dB(linear)
Gain ControlVoltage control
Passband Frequency500kHz ~ 900kHz(customizable)
Band Fluctuation<0.5dB
4 Channels Amplitude Consistency<1dB
4 Channels Phase Consistency<6°
Channels Crosstalk<-80dB
Input Noise<2uV
ADC Sample Rate9.6Msps
ADC Resolution14 bit
ADC Interface TypesLVDS
Size DimensionΦ80mm
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃

SA8060-4 Typical Application



Signal Acquisition And Processing System

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