SA9470-32 Multiple Channels Amplifier Module

SA9470-32 多路前放模块.jpg

SA9470-32 Product Information

SA9470-32 Multiple channel amplifier module,which have high gain; large dynamic range, low noise characteristics with excellent stopband attenuation and passband fluctuation.

Whole product use Aluminum alloy shielding structure and industry standard connector, it is easy to connect other device with ultra-low loss. And it is befit to make multiple modules in parallel such as large arrays.

SDP8012-2 Product Characteristics

Number of Channel32
Input SignalDifferential signal
Input Impedance100KΩ
Output SignalSingle-end signal
Output Voltage Amplitude±5V
Total Gain94dB
Variable Gain70dB
Gain ControlVoltage control
Amplifier Passband Frequency80kHz ~ 120kHz(customizable)
Band Fluctuation<0.5dB
32 Channels Amplitude Consistency<1dB
32 Channels Phase Consistency<6°
Channels Crosstalk<-80dB
Input Noise<0.5uV
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃


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